FT-Sim : A Robust Discrete-Event Failure Simulator

FT-Sim is a robust discrete-event failure simulator that can simulate application execution in the presence of failures and fault tolerance actions.
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PaRep-MPI: A Fault tolerant MPI library using partial replication

PaRep-MPI is a fault tolerant MPI library in which fault tolerance is handled using replication of a set of MPI processes. Given a configuration file that indicates the set of processes to be replicated, the library maintains the replica of these processes, and communicates messages to/from the replicas during MPI calls.
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SRS : Stop Restart Software

SRS is a checkpointing library for MPI parallel applications that allows reconfiguration of executing applications to a different number of processors.
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Morco: Middleware Framework for Long-Running Multi-Component Applications on Batch Grids

MORCO is a generic middleware for execution of long-running multi-component or multi-physics applications with
execution times much greater than execution time limits of the batch queues.
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BatchStats: Batch Systems Statistics Tool

Batch System statistics tool can be used to obtain the statistics associated with the batch systems. Given an input trace of a supercomputing system, this tool will collect the various statistics for the user.
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PQStar: Software for Predicting Queue Waiting Times

PQStar (Predicting Quick Starters) is a system for predicting queue waiting times of parallel jobs submitted to supercomputer systems. In particular, it predicts the jobs with short actual queue waiting times.
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InSt : An Integrated Steering Framework for Critical Climate Applications

InSt is an integrated user-driven and automated steering framework for simulations, online remote visualization, and analysis for critical climate applications. Our framework provides the user control over various application parameters including region of interest, resolution of simulations, and frequency of data for visualization.
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